Rating pillow noise

Rating pillows, pillow cases, blankets and sheets to find the least noisy ones

Problem: Buying a pillow or pillow case that is the least noisy
Some people are light sleepers and may wake up as they move across a “noisy” pillow or pillow case.

Embodiment: Method for pillow noise measurement
A decibel meter is coupled to a surface (for example, a head shaped holder of microphones that are placed in the head “ears” with ear shapes). As the decibel meter is pulled across the outside of a pillow or a pillow case (pillow or pillow case more or less fixed), the average meter reading is assigned as “transverse pillow noise”. The surface may have similar properties to skin or to human hair varieties so as to simulate the movement of a human head across the pillow or the pillow case. A similar contraption is pushed into a pillow with or without a pillow case, the average meter reading is assigned to “longitudinal pillow noise”. These two noise measurements can then form an index (by keeping the loudest measurement or by keeping both or by taking the average of the two measurements or by calibrating the measurements with people subjective noise impressions) that rates all pillows so that light sleeping people can get the pillow or pillow case that is the least noisy.

By Eugen Tarnow, PhD (MIT)

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