Helping pianists minimize key movements

Ever wonder why you can't get more feedback from your electronic piano?

Problem: Minimizing piano key stroke depth
A pianist benefits from minimizing movements of fingers, hands and arms – the smaller the movement the faster the pianist can play.

Embodiment: Feedback using key movement measure
The embodiment includes sensors for key depressions (for example, sensors such as in a Kawai MP-11 but placed where the key hits the bottom or a magnetic sensor with an sensor on one side and a magnet on the other side such as disclosed in US Patent 5,977,466) and a calculation of a statistical measure of the key movement including whether it hit the bottom, or average, median, standard deviation and similar. If the note is slow enough so that the key has to be completely depressed in order for it to keep sounding, it is excluded from the measure. The measure is then displayed on the electronic piano so that the pianist can get immediate feedback as to how often they depress the keys completely and/or how much they depress the keys. Using this feedback they can then learn to depress the keys less. The measure could also be displayed with a color display where green might mean that the keys are depressed to the bottom rarely and red that the keys are depressed to the bottom very often.

By Eugen Tarnow, PhD (MIT)

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