Angled shoe horn

Problem: Using a shoe horn without having to put the hand behind the heal

Old people often put their shoes on sitting down using a shoe horn. It is not so easy to do with current shoe horns since one has to put one’s hand behind the shoe. Even if one uses a shoe horn standing up, having to put one’s hand behind the shoe is uncomfortable. Embodiment: Shoehorn in which the handle is displaced away from the heal insertion part of the shoe horn a distance and/or angle Typically a shoe horn (left side of Figure 2) has a the shoe horn end 102 and the shoe horn handle/hanger 101 aligned. This makes it somewhat difficult to use because the hand has to be put behind the leg. This is especially so for the right hand used to put on the right shoe. If the right hand is used to put on the left shoe, the left foot can rotate to make it easier for the right hand to reach. This rotation is difficult for the same side foot. A better way to do it is displayed on the right side of Figure 2. Here an s-shaped curve (or other shape that shifts the handle by distance D) allows for a shift of distance D between the handle 201 and the shoe end 202. If both ends are curved to fit a heal, but in opposite directions, then a single shoe horn can be used by both left and right handed persons. Another version could be where the shoe horn handle (see Fig. 3) 301 is at an angle of θ >0 with the shoe end of the shoe horn 302. In this case the hand can hold the handle 302 differently than if the angle θ =0. To accommodate both left and right handed users, at least for short shoe horns that can be used when sitting down, there could be two handles on each shoe horn. The hanger hold could be in the middle. In both cases the shoe horn angle could also be created via joints, allowing the shoe horn to hang in a straight line when not used. While I have discussed the angle and displacement in a particular plane, there could be additional angles and displacements in planes perpendicular to this particular plane. For example, (see Figure 4 which displays the shoe horn from above) it would be advantageous if the handle 401 could bend according to successively smaller angles Φ as in 501 and 601 so that the right hand is in a position to the right of the right foot and closer to the toes when the bottom of the shoe horn (402, 502 and 602) is in the heal of the shoe and the shoe horn is held by the right hand. ShoeHorn.pdfShoeHorn.pdf

By Eugen Tarnow

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