Keeping the Yamaha piano class on under control

All the kids are playing different things on their pianos and not listening to the teacher?

Problem: Controlling multiple electronic pianos
Electronic pianos are great tools for group music classes, such as those under the Yamaha Conservatory brand. They are inexpensive, take up little space and are easy to move. However, they are also the cause of great disorder in the classroom if the students are young and mischievous. The teacher repeatedly has to ask for the pianos to be turned off and for the volume to be lowered.

Embodiment: Remote control for multiple electronic pianos
The remote control embodiment consists of a remote control and a corresponding coupled device in the electronic piano or keyboard which allows the piano or keyboard to be turned off, be muted or unmated, have the volume lowered or have the instrument implementation changed. The signal is universal for the keyboards so that one remote control can control a multitude of keyboards. It may be necessary for the remote control to only transmit since two-way communication might prove difficult when a multitude of keyboards are present. The remote control can change settings including on/off, sound implementation, mute/not mute and volume etc. In order for the remote control to reach all the keyboards in a room, there are at least three possibilities. First, it can use IR technology where the IR beam is direct or reflecting off of the walls and ceiling onto coupled devices easily accessible to a signal from the walls or ceiling (such as being mounted on the top surface of the electronic pianos). Second, it can use ultrasound technology instead in which the position of the coupled devices becomes less important since the ultrasound spreads through the room. Third, it can use acoustic technology so that the students are alerted to the signal at the same time as the coupled devices on the pianos are alerted to it.

By Eugen Tarnow, PhD (MIT)

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