PastaSizer™ - the Fastest Way to Get One Spaghetti Portion out of the Box & into the Pot

The PastaSizer™ is a brand new gadget that you can use with the standard spaghetti box to control your pasta usage.

You open up the spaghetti box, put the PastaSizer™ over the box, tilt it upside down and one serving comes out.

You can store the spaghetti box with the PastaSizer™ as a cover .

Forget all the other spaghetti measuring tools with the strange brand names made in China - this is much more efficient (from box directly to pot) and it is conceived and made in the US.

Dare to eat the spaghetti you would not without the PastaSizer™!

Did you know one portion is 200 calories (same as in a donut) but the whole box is 1600 calories? Cut empty calories but still have some spaghetti with the PastaSizer™!

Don't get fat - get PastaSizer™!

If you are prediabetic and feel you still have to eat pasta - get PastaSizer™!

Works on all standard size spaghetti boxes.

Patent pending.

By Doug Semonche, J.D. (Berkeley),Eugen Tarnow, PhD (MIT)

If you are interested in licensing this invention write us at or call us at 646 825 9080 x1114

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PastaSizer™ - the Fastest Way to Get One Spaghetti Portion out of the Box & into the Pot
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